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It's Friday!

So this week has been a rather hectic one. I had to turn in the first draft of my rather large paper for class and I have spent several hours working on it. I was pleased with the final results (even though it is the first of three drafts that must be turned in before the finished product). Along with that I have been trying to keep up with my ever so growing personal life. I find it odd that I moved from the city of Indianapolis into the sticks of Marion, IN only to find that I have something to do every night and there is always someone who wants to hang out. I am very much enjoying that.

Work is good. I like my office and the pace of the slower county. There is enough to keep me busy but not to much to stress me out. Things are going well. The only negative really is that my sister will have to have surgery on Nov. 4 and my great uncle passed aways this week. I hardly knew him so I am not really upset about it... just hate it for my family.

All in all things are grand here!

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