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Wake Me When September Ends

So this has been a very interesting month. Work has been crazy and personal life has been...well... a roller coaster at best. Things are good though. The weather is starting to get cooler and we are embarking on my favorite time of the year. Things always seem alive in fall in spite of the irony that everything starts to die.

This brings me to a ponderance (if that is even a word). Why is it that we look at things as most beautiful when they start to die? Look at the trees. They dance of yellow, red, orange, brown, and green. One of the most beautiful sights in nature I believe. We celebrate their radiance during this time knowing all along that this represents death as the final outcome.

This parallels life so much. Think about our loved ones. Those of us who have the blessing of watching our beloveds grow old are often times aware of the "fall" of their lives. It seems up to this point we are either too busy or have blind faith that there will be tomorrow to spend time with them. When we know that death is knocking, we take the time to enjoy their company and communicate our feelings to them.

I hope that someday we all learn to take the time to enjoy the birth of spring and the activities of summer instead of waiting till the fall to appreciate our communions just to feel the depression of the dead, cold winters.

Wow! I didn't know I was in a philosophical mood today.... Time for a cookie!

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