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Karma in 08

So today has been cold. Very cold. It did not stop me from wandering out in the blistering winds. I had a good day; A quiet day. I think I have failed to really take the time that I needed to reflect and process lately. I do enjoy my reflection time. In the past (when I was once addicted to the sweet seduction of slushies, I would do my processing while indulging in the comforts of blue raspberry) I would take a day a week that was set aside for "me" time. I don't have that luxury anymore. For the most part my reflections are very positive. I like to focus on the great things in my life and only heed the minimal amount of energy toward the negative... just enough to solve the issue or come up with a grand scheme and how to execute my massive and illustrious itinerary of defusing the situation.

Today was much the same. Despite the cold and unbearable weather conditions, I fully enjoyed a leisurely drive around the outskirts of Indianapolis. A nice and calming way to kick off 08. Karma take note... I am ready to cash in my good deeds for a year full of positive experiences and grand health. I need to travel out of the country that is not work related at some point this year!
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